Above 75 years old family distributors. Started with two items K.T. Brand patrawallies & Dona. Only KT Brand Patarawalli (Leaf) are use in Wedding Pujas, Temples (Worship place for Hindus), Gurudwaras (Worship place for Sikhs) etc. And in Hotel Parcel like Bhaji, Dahi, Sweets,& Counter, Panipuri, Kachori, Samosa & Dosa (small) this environment friendly throw away item (Leaf & Dona). Suppliers to hotels, gurudwaras, retails outlets, temples.

In India, it has been a time-honoured tradition at weddings and other religious ceremonies to serve food on large leaves or on plates made from leaves woven together. Prepared by villagers just before a festive occasion, leaf cups and bowls are an attractive touch to the ceremony. They have also been used for many years for serving dry or moist foods at roadside food stalls or small restaurants in rural and urban areas. They are biodegradable, disposable, hygienic, and an inexpensive alternative to modern paper or plastic utensils.

Seeing the potential value and environmental benefits of these hand-crafted dishes, researchers in India, developed a machine to produce leaf plates and bowls in the1970s. The machine was designed to improve the product's look and quality in order to compete with paper and plastic products. Use of the machine has spread throughout India to the northern provinces and, today, sturdy leaf plates are used almost everywhere, particularly at take-out restaurants.